TriMet: The Dallas Authority in 3D Scanning and CAD Design ServicesLooking for a service provider who understands design for manufacturability and how to move your products to market?

Engineers, manufacturers, and ground-breaking inventors head straight to TriMet’s highly experienced team for unrivaled CAD model creation and 3DScanning services. Ready to serve the Dallas area, our deep roots in aerospace and defense gives us a distinct advantage in solving complex challenges. Our deep application know-how covers everything from small electronics to aircraft parts, machinery, automotive components, transportation equipment and much more.

When accuracy matters, TriMet can also serve the quality control needs of manufacturers and design engineers in the Silicon Prairie. Not only do we sell and integrate metrology solutions, we actually use these technologies to ensure precision in our customers’ parts, assemblies and processes. Our comprehensive service offering also includes laser and white light scanning, reverse engineering, point cloud to CAD model creation, point cloud to 3D Printing, and point cloud inspection /comparison to a CAD model.

“TriMet’s skillset is a perfect match for the Dallas manufacturing community. We deliver specialized CAD and scanning capabilities, as well as on-demand measurement services to support our client's quality assurance efforts. Fast tracking a product design to market? No problem. Our forte is creating 3D CAD models from scanned data, and moving your idea one step closer to visualization, animation, simulation and 3D printing. We are a dedicated partner from the first step of the project to the last” – Tim Dobrinich, Owner, TriMet