There’s Only One 3D-Bioplotter®

Well, actually, we have three. But when medical researchers and manufacturers are talking about “the bioplotter,” that’s a nod to our bioprinter technology. A recognized world leader in biofabrication, EnvisionTEC’s 3D-Bioplotter family is being used for groundbreaking medical research and manufacturing. Launched in 2000, the 3D-Bioplotter is the most seasoned bioprinter in the market, backed by the most research, more than 150 research papers to date.


The 3D-Bioplotter Manufacturer Series was designed as a tool for advanced tissue engineering and also for use in a production environment. It is the most versatile and advanced of the 3D- Bioplotter options and is capable of utilizing up to 5 materials in a build as well as UV curing capabilities and both heated and cooled platform options.

Filters Included Sterile and Particle
Platform Temperature Control Yes (Chiller Included): -10° – 80°C (15° – 176° F)

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