Leica Laser Tracker AT402

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 Laser Tracker is Hexagon Metrology’s most portable 3D Absolute Tracker, it combines portability with superior precision. The At402 has a small footprint with the largest ever work envelope. It can be powered by its own battery (which has an extended battery life), has a rugged design and can be wirelessly operated using its integrated WiFi access point functionality. This allows it to go virtually anywhere and probe hard-to-reach points that are outside the field of view of a laser tracker with a reflector ball.

Whether you need the Leica AT 402 for traditional inspection or to perform fully guided measurements, you’ll appreciate its unique “All in One” design that includes accessories and features such as its integrated IR remote control, environmental monitoring, built-in live video functionality, and level to gravity features.

For all its power, the complete Leica Absolute Tracker AT 402 system is ultra-small and at under 17 pounds, lightweight and compact enough to fit into an airline overhead bin — meaning that an easily portable probing capable laser tracker system is now a reality. By adding a Leica B-Probe to your AT 402 system, you add a wireless probing device able to reach hard to measure places, and line of site measurements not accessible by traditional SMR.

Leica B-Probe

Get more out of your Leica Absolute Tracker AT 402 with the Leica B-Probe, a handheld, battery-powered point probing device made for the AT 402. The Leica B-Probe is capable of gathering 3D points in a measurement volume of 20m around the laser tracker, and it can be combined with standard reflector inspection to utilize the AT 402’s 160m radial measuring range. And the Leica AT 402 offers even more flexibility than comparable systems with fixed-base stations because it has endless telescope rotation and covers a full 360° horizontal and a 290° vertical dome.