Steinbichler Optical CMM

The Steinbichler Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has a large measuring volume and several features that make it fast and easy to use, as well as extremely accurate. It’s scanning and tracking combination, T-SCAN LV / T-TRACK LV, gives you the fast scan speed of a hand-guided laser scanner along with a tracking volume of up to 35 m³ – so you get freedom of movement and a fast, efficient process for measuring and recording the 3D data of large-format objects.

This system’s Dynamic Referencing allows high-precision recording of 3D data, even on moving objects. Dynamic Referencing also gives you the ability to perform measurements independently of component movements and in spite of environmental conditions, including vibrations in a production environment.

With Multi Camera Operation, you can connect multiple tracking cameras to measure large components from all directions. That helps you maximize your productivity as well as get a more accurate scan. Despite its capacity for scanning larger objects, this system is easy to use with a hand-guided laser tracker, touch probe, optical tracking unit and a stand-free dynamic auto-scale kit (including hardware and software) for infield calibration

Some of the applications for this scanning system include design, rapid manufacturing, reverse engineering, quality control and inspection, mold and die production, and documentation of cultural assets. The T-SCAN LV / T-TRACK LV system works well in a variety of environments, too, from automobile production to agricultural technology, welding construction and more.
For high performance, high precision and outstanding measuring speed even at a large measuring volume, choose the T-SCAN LV / T-TRACK LV system.