Laser Tracker 960 with T Probe

The Laser Tracker 960 with T Probe makes use of several features to deliver greater accuracy and ease of use:


The Laser Tracker 960 with T Probe uses an active vision system that is able to pinpoint a target without the need for the laser beam to lock onto it and without intervention from the operator. This innovative vision system works with all Leica T-Products, all standard reflectors, and has the ability to lock onto the target as soon as it comes within view of the sensor.

Absolute Interferometer (AIFM)

Until Leica developed its absolute interferometer (AIFM), no single distancing unit was capable of instantly re-establishing a broken laser beam, immediately measuring a moving target with a near-zero integration time, and measuring absolute distances with the very highest precision.

But with the AIFM, all this is possible — and it is no longer necessary for laser tracker manufacturers to include both laser interferometers (IFM) and Absolute Distance Meters (ADM) as separate components. The AIFM represents the best of both worlds: It measures the absolute distance to a moving target without any loss of accuracy. This is Leica Geosystems’ most accurate and stable dynamic distancing unit.

6 Degrees of Freedom

The Leica T-Cam is part of every Leica Geosystems Portable Coordinate Measurement System (PCMM). It’s also one of the add-on options for existing Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers that are migrating from reflector measurements to other target devices. The T-Cam is a CMOS digital camera system that operates with visible light and near infrared (IR) radiation. It has a motor for tracking vertical, angular movements.

A set of 6 LEDs embedded on the surface of the target device and a reflector integrated in the target device make up the measurement targets of the T-Cam system. The Leica T-Cam makes use of the Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) principle: Six measurement parameters completely describe the location of the target device in relation to the laser tracking system.

Those 6 parameters are comprised of 3 position parameters (x, y and z) and 3 orientation parameters (pitch, yaw and roll). The Laser Tracker 960 with T Probe determines the position, and the Leica T-Cam determines the orientation.