TriMet: The Wichita Authority in 3D Scanning and CAD Design Services TriMet seeks perfection in every detail of your quality product or process.

Our roots run deep in aerospace, making our expertise ideal for the high-tech, valued-added manufacturing arena in the world’s Air Capital. From 3D scanning to CAD design to high precision metrology systems, our skillset offers distinct advantages in solving complex challenges. The TriMet team has decades of application know-how covering everything from electronics to aircraft, consumer products, machinery, instrumentation, plastic and composite components, fabricated metal products and power generation equipment.

Our metrology product portfolio can unleash the power of 3D data for product development or quality control. When your company is tight on a deadline or short on specialized expertise, TriMet is the go-to service provider with the latest technology to get the job done. Our dynamic team delivers a broad range of services: reverse engineering, measurement/inspection, laser and white light scanning, point cloud to CAD model creation, point cloud to 3D Printing, point cloud inspection/comparison to a CAD model, and more.

“TriMet has been called a lifesaver by many a client looking for expert resources, customized solutions, or a better ROI from their product. Your urgency is our business. We stand ready to serve the needs of Wichita’s engineer-rich community with quality processes, speedy turnaround, and more than 20 years of industry experience. TriMet not only sells and supports the top name brands in the metrology marketplace; we personally use these technologies to inspect our client’s products and processes” – Tim Dobrinich, Owner, TriMet