TriMet: The Orlando Authority in 3D Scanning and CAD Design Services

TriMet is the go-to provider of 3D Scanning and CAD model creation services for the advanced manufacturing and media production communities in Orlando. Although our roots run deep in aerospace and defense, our vast application expertise covers everything from small, priceless sculptures to electronics, power generation components, marine and automotive systems. TriMet also serves the quality control needs of manufacturers and design engineers by applying proven technologies we personally use to measure and inspect our client’s products and processes.

Our portfolio of metrology solutions is skillfully selected to unleash the power of 3D data. TriMet has the know-how and the latest technology to get the job done when your timelines are tight or you need specialized expertise.  Our dynamic team can deliver a broad range of services: reverse engineering, laser and white light scanning, point cloud to CAD model creation, point cloud to 3D Printing, point cloud inspection/comparison to a CAD model, and more.

“TriMet’s multi-faceted expertise in 3D scanning is not only a fit for Orlando’s manufacturing industry, but ideal for the computer graphics arena as well.  We take pride in the breadth of our work, which includes scanned objects from the complex, organic shapes of medical parts to intricate museum pieces. Our forte is creating 3D CAD models from scanned data, and moving your idea or product one step closer to visualization, animation, simulation and 3D printing. Leverage our 20+ years of experience to accomplish your next challenge in computer graphics, product development or manufacturing.“– Tim Dobrinich, Founder, TriMet