Do you need a replacement part, a blueprint, or a CAD model? TriMet employs the industry’s most innovative reverse engineering techniques to build accurate 3D CAD models for manufacturing and inspection applications. We go above and beyond the call to meet your deadline and deliver an exportable model that is compatible with your CAD software program.

Depending on the size of the part or assembly, you can ship your parts to TriMet for scanning and modeling, or we can perform precision data collection at your location.

TriMet aims to set the gold standard in reverse engineering services.

” TriMet aims to set the gold standard in reverse engineering services. Take advantage of our world-class technologies and proven track record the next time you need an accurate CAD model to move your project forward. Fast turnaround? No problem! We look forward to each and every challenge.”

– Kevin Fields, TriMet

TriMet’s reverse engineering services can help you to:

  • Create legacy parts
  • Build parts for maintenance and repair departments
  • Capture complex, organic surfaces from large and small objects
  • Scan/probe new designs created during the prototype phase
  • Scan and capture surface profiles of large parts

Our reverse engineering portfolio is worth bragging about:

  • Aircraft parts
  • Automotive parts (photo)
  • Molds
  • Sculptures / Museum pieces (photo)
  • Product prototypes
  • Consumer products
  • And other legacy parts

Our 3D Reverse Engineering Services Give You an Edge

Three-dimensional reverse engineering involves producing new reference computer-aided design (CAD) models through measuring objects and reconstructing them as 3D models. Reverse engineering can help you discover what manufacturing process was used by a competitor, making it easier for you to develop more competitive products.

Our industrial designers and CAD engineers use innovative reverse engineering tools when reconstructing different objects. We work with you to ensure that the CAD 3D model we produce will be compatible with your CAD software.

What Is the 3D Reverse Engineering Process?

When it comes to 3D reverse engineering, we begin with the object that we want to reconstruct. If the object is a mechanical product, we use 3D scanners to measure its components’ widths, heights, and lengths so you have the most accurate 3D model possible.

After getting all the dimensions of the components as precise measurements, we use them to develop CAD drawings that help us gain additional knowledge about the product’s design. When we get enough information about the product’s design, we create a virtual model of the reverse-engineered product or component.

Uses for Our 3D Reverse Engineering Service

From gaining a military advantage to improving on a product design, there is a wide range of uses for our reverse engineering services. Our own portfolio includes everything from aircraft parts to art pieces.

  • Reverse engineering can help you examine different mechanical products for military or commercial advantage. These services can help you understand more about the components of these products and the procedures used to develop them.
  • Creating a 3D digital model can help you analyze your competitor’s products. By understanding more about how the products were manufactured, you can produce better products and retain your competitive edge.
  • You can use 3D reverse engineering services to redesign obsolete objects that their original manufacturers no longer maintain.

Benefits of Using a 3D Model

With 3D reverse engineering services, you can develop products more efficiently and with less of an R&D expense. It can help you reduce time to market with a new product. You can also discover the vulnerabilities of a product with the help of our 3D reverse engineering services.

3D reverse engineering services can help you analyze different products and give obsolete products a fresher, more relevant design. By using cutting-edge reverse engineering software to create virtual 3D models instead of solid models, we help you save time and money. Contact us today to get started!