3D Laser Scanning

Professional-Strength Scanning Services

Today, 3D scanning technology is integrated into all areas of product development from the conceptual phase through part inspection. What’s more, design and manufacturing engineers have to wade through a jungle of hardware and software to figure out the best solution for their application. TriMet’s 3D scanning services cuts through the red tape and lack of internal expertise to get your initiatives on track. Our team thrives on transforming your scanning project into a useful 3D CAD model for real world use.

TriMet’s comprehensive service offering includes laser and white light scanning, point cloud to complete CAD model creation, and point cloud inspection/comparison to a CAD model. Depending on the size of the object and the accuracy of the project, we utilize the appropriate scanning solution for each customer’s unique specifications.

TriMet has scanned everything from the size of an ear piece to large industrial buildings…

“Are we pros? You bet. TriMet has scanned everything from the size of an ear piece to large industrial buildings…all with different accuracy specifications. We have scanned parts and assemblies across the board in diverse industries such aerospace, automotive, agriculture, architectural, medical, power generation and manufacturing, just to name a few.”

– Mitch Fields, TriMet


TriMet can translate the benefits of 3D laser scanning to your bottom line. To get the job done, we employ best-in-class scanning equipment:

  • Steinbichler blue light scanners (also known as white light scanners)
  • Steinbichler Optical CMM T-Track, T-Scan LV
  • ROMER articulated arm (also known as portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) used for probing and scanning)
  • Leica Laser Trackers with the T-Probe and T-Scan
  • Surphaser – Hemispherical 3D Scanner

Our scanning services can address a wide array of applications, including:

  • 3D Printing
  • Alignment
  • Surface Analysis
  • Engineering development
  • Product development
  • Prototyping
  • Flush and Gap
  • Metrology-assisted assembly
  • Robotics

What Is 3D Laser Scanning and How Does It Work?

In the simplest terms, 3D laser scanning is an innovative way of measuring objects and getting accurate measurements without the hassle of manually computing the sizes. It uses a laser to scan an object, collecting a series of relevant data points along the way. This streamlines the process of measuring irregularly shaped or generally cumbersome items for CAD model creation.

The laser doesn’t damage the object, and you don’t have to touch it or the item being scanned during the process. This makes it a great option for extremely fragile and delicate items, where the less you touch them, the better. All those data points go into the computer, set into point clouds, and then form a precise 3D digital match to the physical object.

It’s particularly beneficial for items that would otherwise be challenging to measure. Whether you want something small scanned, such as nuts and bolts or handheld medical instruments, or much larger choices, such as houses, planes, or plots of land, our TriMet team can do it all.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

One of the biggest benefits of 3D laser scanning is that you can maneuver the 3D likeness to view it from different angles. You can also see how it would work in real-world situations, which is especially fantastic when lives are on the line, such as in the medical field.

There’s also no denying the ease and accuracy of a 3D laser scanning service. Consider what was involved in the past for taking measurements, especially for large objects like buildings, and how much more improved 3D laser scanning has made the operation. It significantly streamlines the process.

Don’t forget about vulnerable items, such as artifacts. 3D laser scanning won’t damage the item in any way, but it will allow for gathering information about all the smallest details without taking the risk of handling the object more than necessary. Forget about manual measurements when 3D laser scanning can give you even more accurate measurements without the added risk of damaging incredibly rare items.

Another perk is that 3D laser scanning reduces the time involved from conception to completion of a project, which also likely decreases the cost. For instance, instead of only having the option of testing certain equipment in the real world under specific circumstances — undoubtedly involving a significant amount of time and money — the 3D model results can be used to see how the item would operate in real-world scenarios.

The created files are also easy to share, so whether you want to show them to your local coworkers or your team across the globe, it’s quick and simple to pass on the results. Everyone can continue to use and review the 3D model results throughout the project and beyond, allowing for a reliable, accurate demonstration and easily accessible data points.

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Contact TriMet when you need 3D laser scanning services for your next project. Our team consists of experts who understand that accuracy, exceptional customer service, and timely yet complete results are everything. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the services and information you require.