Steinbichler White Light Systems

The Steinbichler Optotechnik 3D digitizing system was developed in response to growing industry demand for a product that combines high-speed measurements and excellent data quality with ease of use while using one camera. Even in a production line environment, it deliver results that are highly accurate and highly reproducible, with minimal need for system recalibration. This system is especially useful for applications such as product development and quality control.

The COMET5 Eco sensor is what makes this system different. It uses new projection technology that allows data acquisition to be completed in only one-sixth of the time compared to previous systems. That speed is especially important when you’re scanning in a busy production environment with a lot of vibration.

Plus, the Steinbichler Optotechnik is rigidly constructed to be a very stable system that can handle mobility. The system uses a high-power external light source that gives it extra temperature stability. Also, the sensor can be operated on an industrial robot, providing a high degree of measuring accuracy that is unaffected by acceleration forces. Its qualities of stability and accuracy give this system a decided advantage in applications such as a production line scanner for quality control purposes.

For all of those reasons, this system works well in a wide range of temperatures and is stable enough to be used for automated scanning and measuring applications.

The Steinbichler Optotechnik 3D digitizing system also uses the latest PC hardware and software technologies, such as 64-bit operating system and application software and parallel processing, to provide much faster post-processing of the data you measure. The projection module uses a custom designed zoom lens that offers outstanding optical features and makes it easy to change between different fields of view.

A variety of handling systems are available to position this system, and it has a modular design that allows you to adapt it quickly and easily to a new measurement volume. The Steinbichler Optotechnik 3D digitizing system offers the ultimate in configuration flexibility for each measurement task.