Just because it sits on a desk doesn’t mean our line of desktop 3D printers is like other cheap tabletop models. (It’s not even close).

Our professional-grade desktop 3D printer family uses advanced DLP technology backed by more than a decade of development and exclusive patent-protected processes that make our printers truly superior. This family of printers offers build sizes up to 71.7 cubic inches, accuracy levels down to 30 microns and a truly impressive surface finish that means little to no post-processing.


The Micro Plus HD can produce small, premium components requiring a high level of precision, making it perfect for designers, shops and small jewelry businesses. It is able to build 5-6 average-sized rings in a single build with excellent detail and surface finish.
Build Envelope 45 x 28 x 100 mm (1.77 x 1.10 x 3.94 in. XY Resolution* 30 μm (0.0012 in.)


The Desktop XL Plus provides an enlarged build area of up to 36.6 cubic inches while maintaining up to 36 μm resolution and enhanced build speeds. This makes it perfect for small to medium sized companies looking for a flexible 3D printing solution.

Build Envelope 100 x 75 x 80 mm (3.94 x 2.95 x 3.15 in.) XY Resolution* 71 μm (0.0028 in.)
Advanced Desktop 3D Printers for dental, hearing aid, orthodontics, jewelry, entertainment, education, manufacturing and consumer goods.

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Desktop 3D printing has advanced to the point where you can create tools, small parts, clothing, shoes, phone cases, tableware and more in a small space. A more compact and versatile version of industrial 3D printers, desktop 3D printers can now be used at home or in an office.

From developing your creativity to educating your children, the addition of an affordable 3D printer may be of great benefit.

What Is Advanced Desktop Printing?

This printing process is a part of additive manufacturing, which uses layers of material to build volume and create an object. A thin slice of a layer would show a cross-section of the object. Using digital files, 3D printing can be a hobby or have more profitable uses.

An Abundance of Uses

From at-home printing to small business, the use of the 3D printer has grown. Designers, such as in fashion and jewelry, are using a desktop printer for prototypes and engineering. Desktop printers have been used for the following:

  • Pipe fittings after an earthquake
  • Silicone prosthesis
  • Dental casts and impressions
  • Art projects
  • Shoe prototypes

Today’s advanced desktop 3D printers are used for industrial applications as well as hobbyists. Print quality is very good, and prototypes can be made quickly and affordably.

Why Desktop 3D Printing Might Be the Right Solution

An easy user experience defines the advanced desktop printer. It can be used in a smaller space while maintaining a print quality that is professional.

Doctors are now using 3D printers to prepare for surgery, shortening the time in the operating room and producing cost savings.

Simple and safe to use, an advanced desktop printer can be used by employees, and emission-free materials make the technology completely safe for use in the home or office.

With the advent of open-source hardware and software, a printer can be used by small businesses or DIY makers.

From the creation of 3D models of your favorite star to a host of other uses, the desktop printing process has many uses, and it’s perfectly appropriate in an office setting.