PCDMIS Software

Hexagon Metrology’s PC-DMIS CMM software is widely recognized as the industry leader for Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) software. Its popularity is due to the ease and efficiency with which it allows you to collect, evaluate, manage and present your manufacturing data.

This software is powerful enough to measure anything from simpler parts to much more complex automotive and aerospace components, and can help you to make the most of your manufacturing operation and even create a leaner system.

PC-DMIS software was the first to use CAD models in the inspection process and to use Direct CAD interface technology to directly link CAD systems with measurement software. Its iterative alignment technology also represented a breakthrough, allowing easy alignment of complex and contoured parts.

As the most popular CMM software, PC-DMIS allows you to create an efficient Measurement Plan without the need for coding. That’s why it has become the most popular CMM software on the market today.

PC-DMIS is standard on Hexagon Metrology devices, and is also available on a wide range of non-Hexagon equipment.