ROMER Absolute Arm

ROMER arms are known to be the fastest and easiest to use in the industry, and the ROMER Absolute Arm is the perfect evolution of the arms that preceded it. This arm is inspired by not only previous ROMER arms but the entire Hexagon Metrology family of products.

The ROMER Absolute Arm is designed to deliver an enhanced user experience. That’s because its new ergonomic wrist is actually patterned after the complex contours of the human hand. And with sensory feedback, the ROMER Absolute Arm allows the user to take accurate measurements in the most difficult of shop environments.

Some of the other benefits and advantages of the ROMER Absolute Arm:

  • The ROMER Absolute Arm uses Intelligent Quick Change Probes that can be changed without needing recalibration or special tools.
  • Because the encoders are constantly “aware” of where the arm is, the ROMER Absolute Arm doesn’t require complicated homing procedures.
  • The ROMER Absolute Arm can handle temperature changes without locking up because it is constructed with thermally stable dual carbon fiber tube.
  • The ROMER Absolute arm has 360 degree accuracy envelope, no rotational hard stops
  • Upgradeable “Feature Pack” allows wireless probing for the ultimate in shop portability

The ROMER Absolute Arm is fast, easy to use and ready when you need it — even after a temperature change. Once you see your return on investment, you’ll be absolutely thrilled with the ROMER Absolute Arm.