Surphaser –

Hemispherical 3D Scanner Surphaser® 100HSX

The Hemispherical 3D Scanner Surphaser scans with incredible metrology grade accuracy at a speed of up to 1.2 millions point per second and a submillimeter accuracy with scan ranges from 1 to 100m. It’s rugged enough to work in some of the toughest industrial environments as well as outdoors, and of course it’s portable, no need for an external controller: It fits into a carry-on size case and is easy to set up and move.

The Surphaser 100HSX has some optional features to make scanning and capturing images easier: an optional camera system with a 150 megapixel equivalent color image and/or an optional built-in PC controller and snap-on battery, so you can operate the Surphaser anywhere without a main power source or a laptop.

There are three models of the Surphaser to choose from: the Short Range (SR), Intermediate Range (IR) and Extended Range (ER). Both the IR and ER Surphaser come with software-selectable options for longer range or lower noise, depending on your scanning needs and job requirements.

Surphaser Bundled Software

The Surphaser 100HSX comes with a software bundle that includes:

  • Surphaser 3D laser scanner operation control
  • Automatic target extraction and target-based scan registration allow for easy device moves
  • Scanner hardware self diagnostics and self calibration
  • Real time raw data acquisition and compression
  • Real time data analysis for scan quality control
  • Rapid Preview Scan and on-screen areas of interest selection for high density scans
  • Processing of the raw 3D scan data featuring:
    • Generation of point cloud or interpolated surface (mesh)
    • Extensive set of filters to isolate area of interest and eliminate

unreliable data

    • Data export in standard industry formats
    • Automatic (target based) and manual color image mapping to point cloud

The SuprhExpress Package includes ProcessC3D, a command line utility that makes it possible to have unsupervised processing of multiple scans based on settings exported from the Interactive SurphExpress session; and SurphView, a stand-alone application that allows visualization of very large datasets and allows you to view scan data in multiple formats.