PolyWorks Software

Build polygonal models from scan data in real time

Think it’s impossible to capture high-quality point clouds in 3D with a laser scanner? Not anymore: PolyWorks 2014 software uses a real-time meshing algorithm to build a polygonal model of the object being scanned by adding the latest scan pass results within seconds after they are captured.

Spotlighting scanning quality issues as they happen

This software also computes quality metrics to expose ineffective scanning methods and problems such as insufficient scan line density, abnormal noise levels, misaligned scans and other areas that don’t meet target values for quality.

Because the problem areas are highlighted immediately on the display of the digitized part, the scanning operator can see in real-time which areas of the digitized part do not meet the predefined criteria for scan quality. The operator can then delete areas that are beyond recovery and re-scan those areas with high quality scans until the proper values are met and the issues are corrected.

Remarkable performance

The PolyWorks 2014 software’s real-time meshing offers advanced graphics capabilities and amazing accuracy. Use it on a laptop for standard engineering applications such as a digitizing session for a car body side, and enjoy a display of 100 million triangles.

Datum targets

PolyWorks 2014 now allows users to import Datum targets — the portions of a Datum feature that a mating Datum fixture will engage during assembly — from the PMI stored in native CAD models. This feature of the PolyWorks software gives you the ability to create and configure Datum targets using CAD models and/or nominal geometric primitives, and allows for automatic computing of GD&T Datum Reference Frames built from Datum features and targets.